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Bright – English for beginners v1.3.2

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June 2, 2023
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Description Bright – English for beginners

Learn English easily!

Welcome to the Bright: a smart and simple application for learning English.

Learning a new language can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. In the digital age, mobile applications have revolutionized language learning, providing convenient and interactive platforms for learners. One such application is Bright – English for Beginners v1.3.2 Mod, a modified version of the popular language learning app. This article explores the features and benefits of Bright Mod, highlighting how it enhances the language learning journey for beginners.

Bright uses the best method of the interval repeating and a special memory training technique Fast Brain. Because of interactive teaching methods, users memorize 90% of information.

We prepared 38 sets of English words with different levels of difficulty: from beginner to pro. Exercises are voiced by native speakers. You can choose a male voice or a female voice in the settings.

Bright Mod Features:

Customizable Learning Path:

Bright Mod offers a customizable learning path that adapts to the individual needs and goals of learners. Users can set
their preferences, such as vocabulary focus, grammar topics, and skill levels, allowing them to tailor their learning

Extensive Vocabulary Database:

With an extensive vocabulary database, Bright Mod provides learners with a wide range of words and phrases to expand their
language skills. The modded version offers additional vocabulary packs and enhanced categorization, enabling learners to
build a solid foundation of English vocabulary.

1.3. Grammar Lessons and Practice:

Bright Mod includes comprehensive grammar lessons and exercises designed to help beginners grasp essential grammatical
concepts. The modded version may offer additional grammar resources and interactive activities to reinforce understanding
and improve accuracy in language usage.

Speaking and Listening Practice:

Developing oral communication skills is crucial when learning a new language. Bright Mod incorporates speaking and listening
practice exercises, allowing learners to practice their pronunciation, fluency, and comprehension. It may also provide
advanced speech recognition features that offer real-time feedback to enhance speaking abilities.

Progress Tracking and Gamification:

To keep learners motivated and engaged, Bright Mod incorporates progress tracking and gamification elements. Users can track
their learning progress, set goals, and earn achievements or rewards as they complete lessons and exercises. This gamified
approach adds an element of fun and encourages learners to stay committed to their language learning journey.

Offline Learning:

Bright Mod offers offline learning capabilities, allowing users to download lessons and practice materials for later use.
This feature is particularly beneficial for learners who have limited internet access or prefer to study on the go, ensuring
uninterrupted language learning experiences.

Memorize at least 200 effective words every month and speak and translate without the dictionary. Just 8 words per day anytime, anywhere.

With Bright you’ll increase your vocabulary and quickly master a listening comprehension. You’ll remember a correct spelling and make your pronunciation better.

The application adjusts to you. Statistics of your results will enhance assessment of your knowledge and give you a motivation to move on.

Learn a real English together with Bright. Download an app and get an access to the free trial period.


Bright – English for Beginners v1.3.2 Mod is an enhanced version of a language learning app that provides an enriched
language learning experience for beginners. Its customizable learning path, extensive vocabulary database, grammar lessons,
speaking and listening practice, progress tracking, gamification, and offline learning capabilities make it a valuable tool
for English language learners. By utilizing this modded application, beginners can embark on their language learning journey
with confidence and convenience, propelling them towards language proficiency and improved communication skills.



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