Terms and Conditions

In this page all terms which you can see in our website are explained.


ApkDone24 is our website domain name. If you see ApkDone24 at anywhere of our website that means we are referring to our self website.


APK elaborates to Android Package which is file format for android. It usually refers to an application which can be used in any android device. Any device having any version of Android OS can run an APK file.


Apps Means Applications. Applications which are used on any device to extend the performance or add something new to the device. You can run an application only on the device which supports it.


Games refers to video games. Which is designed using animation graphics on platforms such as Unity or others. You can install a game on a supported device. Some of the games may need a Google Play Games Account. Some games are free from this requirement.


Sitemap refers to the list of all posts and pages on our site. A Sitemap will provide you the opportunity to view how many posts are available on our site. You can see all links for posts and pages at one places. More shortly, it is the page structure of our website.


Privacy refers to user privacy. How users are protected in our website that is described with our privacy. Users can see all of our privacy criteria in our privacy policy page. We always values our user’s privacy.


Policy extends to the regular policy of internet browsing. If you try to abuse our website, any link from website or domain then that is illegal. And we can proceed to the legal solution for this. ApkDone24 is 100% trusted website. So, never try to do something wrong. That may cause for your punishment.


Full form of FAQ is Frequently Asked Question. What questions people normally ask about our website is listed there. You can get there some pre asked question has been answered. If you have any more question then you can ask in our contact form.