Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Who?

We are a community to review most trending apps and games over the world. We download any useful apps, enjoy it, and review our feelings. This will help other users to get the correct app for use.

Our website address is: The following criteria shows our privacy policy.

What Data We Collect or See from User?

Contact Form

We collect contact form data. We see the values in field of the contact form. For example, mail address, your website address, the question you ask or the details you provide in the form.

We don’t disclose any of these information with third party. We just increase our performance using these feedback. Sometimes there can be a request or deal through the contact form.

You won’t get any email or messages for contacting us with contact form. No newsletter is sent with the contacts from contact form. So, you can feel free to contact.


We see and reply user comments. User comments are the expression of how user feel using our website and reading our reviews. We use spam detector plugin do detect users IP Address. This will help us to differentiate between an original comment and a spam.

Comments are public. So, if you comment with your Gravatar profile or using your website that ma be visible to other users. And other users can also add a reply to your comment.

We have comment approval system to know the unwanted comments. If we find any comment which is not spam in any sense then we delete the comment.


When any user visits our site we collect cookies for the session. For example, when you visit our site we collect your IP address. When you further visit our site this reduce the loading time and increase performance. This is saved on your computer. So, we cannot use them.

Our cookies never include your personal data. Cookies are the history of your visiting. For example if you visit our privacy page from home. We save the route from where to where you have visited.

What Data We Never Collect?

Payment Information

We don’t sell any product. So, we don’t need user’s payment details. There is no form in our website to collect your payment information. No card or bank information is required in our website.


We don’t have a login system. Users can reach us through a comment or the contact form only. We don’t need to create a login credential for users. So, you are free of your personal data.